Modern businesses unlock the power of employee engagement. It’s a culture as well as an approach.

What's your approach?

Carrot approach illustration, people running after a carrot dangled in front of them, just out of reach

The carrot

Does your company use a balanced carrot approach to employee engagement or is it all carrot and no substance?

Whilst using incentives to motivate and reward employees for demonstrating the desired behaviours and achievements may be appropriate and effective at times, if used in isolation it can actively disengage other employees and when used alone it breeds a single minded culture.

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Stick approach illustration

The stick

We perhaps all know managers or companies that adopt a form of stick style culture in their organisation. Be it a form of unintentional passive aggressive behaviour, outright threats or general negativity around the consequences of employees not performing.

They are likely well intended but very outdated.

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Engage approach illustration

The engage approach

A better way... motivate, involve and recognise employees. Engaging employees sincerely, honestly and responsibly to build a better business for everyone in it and everyone it serves. It’s not idealistic, it’s realistic and companies that do it well can testify to the fact.

How emotionally invested are the employees in your organisation? Is it evident to all around through their values, behaviours and actions and in their heads, heart and hands?

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Our team are here to help

We're passionate about employee engagement and the employee experience. We have specialist knowledge in skills-based approaches to employee engagement surveys, employee engagement strategy and planning and employee relationship management including internal communications and reward and recognition programmes. We'll even assist you with company values and behaviours development, EVP, employer branding and employee communications so you can attract, engage and retain the best people.

As a specialist UK based B Corp (pending) employee engagement consultancy, we have a depth of knowledge and expertise across our team spanning more than three decades. We also have a deep knowledge of human resources, recruitment marketing, software and web development, neuroscience, culture and behaviour change and motivational psychology in communications.

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