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We do not believe in carrot or stick cultures. We do believe in accountability, consequence, incentives, motivation, recognition and rewards: in essence, an engaged and committed workforce.

As a result, everyone that works with and for us is happy in their work. Why you might say? Well, it is simple really; we engage with them in a human, respectful and mindful manner. The reason why they are happy, of course, is multifaceted, but the core reason is that we have a safe, family culture where everyone helps each other be the best that they can be. We are all committed to a life-long journey of personal development and growth, and as a result, we are all constantly learning from each other and growing the business together.

Impossible to achieve success alone…

It would not be possible to achieve success at Engage & Prosper, without the help of others. This is not some wishy-washy new age philosophy, it is actually a fact. Whenever we do achieve a successful outcome, such as hearing from a client that has just achieved exceptional results for their own organisation, genuine thanks and rewards go out to numerous people across the business from the secretary, to the web team, to the software people to the consultant actually working with the client. In a more classical stick or carrot culture, the consultant would be the only employee recognised. This, as history confirms, leads to a selfish and arrogant culture at best, and a disenfranchised and introverted culture at worst. Very simple mechanisms, adeptly deployed, avoid these types of cultures developing and help to alter historical cultures already embedded.

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