About us


We are experts in employee engagement, with specialist knowledge in employee research and insight, employee engagement surveys, developing employee engagement strategies and action plans, designing and implementing effective and measurable employer branding and internal communications campaigns and creating motivating reward and recognition programmes; in essence designing and delivering a total improved employee experience, we call it employee relationship management.

Engage & Prosper is a UK based privately owned Employee Engagement Consultancy and Social Enterprise, on a mission to help organisations develop a highly productive and fulfilling workplace culture, with their people, through enhanced employee engagement strategies, fabulous and effective internal communications platforms and tailored reward and recognition programmes.

Everything we do is focused on helping organisations and their employees become the best that they can be. In short, we believe all organisations and employees can achieve self-actualisation, given the right strategy and conditions. Devising that strategy, and creating those conditions, is what we do.

What makes a high-performance organisation?

Over the years, in different roles, within and for a variety of organisations we have collectively gained an incredibly deep understanding of the strategies and conditions required to create high-performance organisations. Vibrant, high-performance organisations get the maximum out of their resources by developing powerful, mutually beneficial relationships with their employees. Hence, we believe that if our clients mindfully engage with employees, their organisations, and their employees, will prosper.

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If you would like to discuss our solutions and how we can create the strategy and conditions for maximising the potential of your organisation, please get in touch.  Alternatively, please feel free to learn more about our culture, values and mission.