The carrot

Carrot approach illustration, people running after a carrot dangled in front of them, just out of reach

One only needs to look at the banking crisis for examples of respectable organisations that have dramatically failed because of excessive carrot dangling. Dangling carrots alone breeds a selfish culture…

The carrot culture:

  • Amazing sales results Johnny boy, you're our star employee...
  • I know and I did it all on my own!
  • Gotta focus on my bonus and nothing else...
  • I could really do with your help, but I understand
  • I’m loaded now, so I’m off!
  • I’m off too, clearly not valued in this place.

But the Carrot is tried and tested…

Historically speaking the dangling of carrots has been a successful mechanism for achieving organisational goals. However, this motivational tactic, whilst it has a part to play, on its own it breeds a selfish, entitled and in-fighting culture. It is not inclusive, or mindful of the overall well-being of the organisation.

Time to talk?

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