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Mental Health in the Workplace

mental health in the workplace

Mental Health in the Workplace; Break the Silence – Break the Stigma

We talk to David Beeney about why he set up Breaking the Silence, a Mental Health and Well-being consultancy. 

When I finally decided to be brave and speak out about my own long fought battles with my mental health, and at work, for the first time back in May 2016, I had no idea how much it was going to change my life. I was a Commercial Director at the time for Auto Trader and had only been asked to do some talks about mental health in the workplace, because the HR team knew that I was also a qualified mental health counsellor for Mind. They thought I was just going to talk about life as a therapist; I chose instead to tell my story of suffering in silence in the corporate world with an anxiety disorder for over 30 years. Of everything I have ever done in my life I have never been so humbled by the feedback I received that day and for many weeks following it. My story connected with so many people across the business that day, on so many different levels, regardless of their role, level of responsibility, age, gender, personality, it was human connection and not characteristics or demographics. That experience, knowing how many people I had touched and helped to speak up about some of their own challenges, previously or now inspired me to keep on sharing my story and to help as many people as I could. Read more…

The Real Deal with Talent


The real deal with Talent is actually making full use of it!

Benjamin Franklin, in his summary of talent, once said “…What is a sundial in the shade?..” and in that prose he managed to eject the one big obvious point to finding talent. Once you’ve got it, what should you do with it?

Well, for many businesses, the true value of talent sits somewhere within the organisations innate business value and the trick is being able to measure it so that it has the right level of focus from the people tasked with running the organisation successfully. Accountants can’t measure talent, but we can all measure human capital – that’s the easy part. Headcount is just a number, right? Wrong. Headcount is a fictional story about payroll.

Read more…

Parenthood and working – Just over a year on and we survived!

Ellie at 17 months

Parenthood and working can be a challenging time. Nick Thompson of Vodafone shares what it’s like to be a new parent AND have a career 17 months on from Ellie’s arrival.

‘I wont lie it’s been a really tough year with little Ellie not sleeping through until she was almost 1. It’s amazing though how your body adapts to less sleep and you move from surviving to living and just get on with it.

Being a Daddy has been easily the hardest job ever but also without doubt the most rewarding and even if the toughest of times you just can’t but have a big smug grin on your face.

I mentioned in my last post about being a new Daddy that I didn’t want to be a weekend Dad and wanted to balance work and little one. I am not going to say I have got it right all the time but on the whole I have a very good balance and Vodafone helps me with this.

I work from home one day a week which helps me do the drop off and pick up and get a little longer with Ellie in the evening. It’s also amazing how much more you can get done when free of the usual office distractions.

At Vodafone you are treated as an adult and depending on the role you do it’s up to you to manage your hours. I have my day set up so I am always in the office early (Ellie has us up anyway) and means I leave slightly earlier and spend any fee hours with Ellie before she goes to sleep (sometimes!). Sure there are times where I don’t get to do this but it’s the exception not the norm as I’m measured by performance and output rather than attendance.

I’m still occasionally using the gym here on campus which helps as I feel refreshed and ready to get stuck straight back into things. It also helps to avoid the lunch or after work rush.

As my role covers all UK recruitment thankfully I’m not travelling all over the UK as we use a lot of video calls and technology to communicate with all the local teams. That said sometimes you just can’t beat some face time with the local teams to really get to know them and their stories.

The balance this and our great childcare gives me and my family means my wife was able to go back to work and is just increasing her hours to take on another day. We feel we have a really happy balance between work/careers and little one.

The best part is I am just about to take a week off for Daddy Day Care. At Vodafone we get 5 days paid leave for parental leave per child and this has really helped with childcare and also enabled me to take little one away, rather than stay at home and not really enjoy my time with Ellie.

It’s been amazing how the period of ‘pain’ has extended and for the first few months people told me they are ‘good as gold’ from 6 months, and then it turned into, once they get over 1 things will calm down. Now apparently we are already getting the terrible 2’s, Ellie is only 17 months!

Would love to hear your survival tips on parenthood and working and other ‘hacks’ you have to getting the balance between career and being Mummy or Daddy.

A big thanks to Nick for allowing us to share his article. Here’s hoping many more employers consider and introduce flexible working and other technologies and initiatives to help employees be a productive and fulfilled both in and out of work as possible.


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Putting HR at the heart of the employee experience

employee experience

Putting HR at the heart of the employee experience: engaging employees from an HR perspective

Creating the right employee experience and employee engagement strategy has become one of the fundamental focal points for many organisations. From high staff retention levels to increased productivity, the added value of engaged and committed employees is increasingly being recognised by business leaders.

Who owns the employee experience or employee engagement anyway, the CEO, HR, Recruitment, Internal Comms, or is it all of them? Depends on the organisation and who is pushing the agenda for change internally or who is tasked with the issues that are often resolved and improved by higher levels of employee engagement.

But let’s agree in the main that the responsibility for employee engagement and the employee experience does sit with HR, what does it mean to HR departments and are we all, whatever our specific HR expertise or discipline, doing enough to integrate the total HR perspective into the employee engagement strategy? Read more…

360 feedback surveys: the right survey platform to harness their full potential

360 feedback survey funny

360 feedback surveys: how the right survey tool and management approach can really harness their full potential

Clocks have changed, weather is turning for the better and companies are on speed mode to finish their accounts and get the new budget in. Which for some, may mean only one thing, it’s time for the employee 360 feedback surveys to make their appearance!

360 feedback surveys, for many organisations, have become an historical feature in the workplace!  Often, a dreaded feedback mechanism and activity process managed by HR; reluctantly involving all departments, HR professionals have the task to prepare, create and execute 360 feedback surveys which will not only evoke enough excitement to encourage the invited employees to participate but will entice constructive and honest feedback; whose answers and insight can productively shape a more effective employee focused engagement strategy. Read more…