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Is your Employee Performance and Employee Engagement data adding up?

employee performance

Employee Performance and Employee Engagement – Is the effort adding up?


Let’s talk people and organisational performance data for a moment.

In an age where decisions and strategies in organisations are increasingly driven by data analytics and continuous improvement objectives, the need for accurate and timely data measurement is not only key but critical.

Analysing and correlating the impact of improved performance progress, that can be directly linked to higher levels of employee engagement within those unique organisational units, is crucial to replicating best practice across departments and locations and driving improvement.

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Cranky Colleague or Co-Worker Day

Cranky Colleague

Six steps to dealing with difficult co-workers or a cranky colleague

27th October is officially “Cranky Co-worker’s Day” across the world, though perhaps that should be ‘Cranky Colleague Day’ in the UK. It represents a chance to celebrate all your colleagues’ unique quirks, or perhaps an opportunity to learn how to deal with them. Peter Ames, from office and workplace experts Office Genie, looks at how you might be able to deal with a demanding or cranky colleague, calmly and professionally.

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Talking Employer Brand

Employer Brand Touch-points

Talking Employer Brand

We talked briefly to Ben Gledhill, former Talent Acquisition Manager at Sofology and now responsible for Employer Branding and the Candidate Experience at The Metropolitan University, about his thoughts and views on Employer Brand touch-points and the candidate experience.

Where does your Employer Brand start and end? When someone joins a business? Wrong. Read more…

Prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR?

GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation

Preparing for the new GDPR

You may already be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, which comes into force on 25 May 2018. You may also be wondering what that means for your organisation, your data, your candidates, your employees and your customers amongst other data considerations.

Elizabeth Denham was appointed UK Information Commissioner on 15 July 2016, having previously held the position of Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, Canada, and shares some of her immediate concerns about what people may be hearing about the impact of the GDPR. You can read the full article here, read on though for her thoughts and at the end of the article a very useful 12 step guide to what you can do right now.  Read more…

How Strong is YOUR Employer Brand?

Employer brand talent attraction magnet and people

Employer Brand – How strong is yours?

Ali Harker, formerly Head of Recruitment at Homeserve and BSI, generously shares her advice on the importance and impact on nurturing a strong employer brand.

Your reputation as an employer is everything and if you have a good Employer Brand it makes it easier to recruit top talent. You may be missing out on attracting professionals because of a lack of brand awareness.

The No.1 thing candidates want to know before applying for a job is the company’s culture and values. So how do you get this across to your audience? There are various channels you can use and a number of things to consider:

Employer brand employee network

Your employees are your unofficial recruiters and marketers. Expand your reach with this under-utilised secret weapon.  Independent research has shown that 1 in 4 candidates look at employee profiles after hearing about a new job. To make this work to your advantage, encourage your employees to use LinkedIn, Glassdoor and other social networks to share content and spread the word about your company, your employer brand and what it’s like to work there.

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