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Give recognition and rewards your employees will love

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What do employees really want when it comes to rewards and recognition from their employer or their boss, or manager, leader, head honcho? I never know what the right word is nowadays, ‘boss’ seems so ‘do as I say’ and not so collaborative, ‘lets get this sorted’ really. Yes the authority hierarchy is there, rightly so, and who’s in charge, and who does what,  does need to be understood and clear to all. I recall an A&E example of crash teams dealing with emergency patients, knowing exactly who does what and when, else is would be a total disaster but, bossing, directing, managing should be based on mutual respect of roles and polite too right.

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How to build a truly collaborative employee culture in your company

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The benefits of an improved company culture aren’t just proof of high employee engagement, or about fun and socialising, better morale and positive staff relations, it’s far bigger than that. Negative cultures, excessive stress cultures, beat them with the metaphorical stick cultures, impact the bottom line in a detrimental way. Lift them up, praise, incentivise and reward cultures, well you can see where I’m going here. They are more positive, more infectious and more productive (provided accountability and consequence are part of the motivational mix).

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