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Prepared for the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR?

GDPR The General Data Protection Regulation

Preparing for the new GDPR

You may already be aware that the General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR, which comes into force on 25 May 2018. You may also be wondering what that means for your organisation, your data, your candidates, your employees and your customers amongst other data considerations.

Elizabeth Denham was appointed UK Information Commissioner on 15 July 2016, having previously held the position of Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia, Canada, and shares some of her immediate concerns about what people may be hearing about the impact of the GDPR. You can read the full article here, read on though for her thoughts and at the end of the article a very useful 12 step guide to what you can do right now.  Read more…

Neuroscience in the Workplace

Neuroscience ebook

Neuroscience in the workplace, are you mad!?

As Tina Turner once impressively sang ‘What’s love got to do with it?’ Or should we more accurately transcript, ‘What’s love got to do, got to do, got to do with it?’

Neuroscience, emotions and hormones are not commonplace language in the workplace still, though it is changing, slowly. Say hormones as a woman or a man to a colleague that’s not a friend too, and you will be suspiciously eyed or the conversation will take a different direction just in case some HR policy is contravened or just simply that the conversation may just become awkward with one party not quite knowing what to say to the other. Read more…

Onboarding Employee Experience Top 5 Trends

onboarding employee experience

Improve Your New Hires Onboarding Employee Experience Top 5 Trends

The importance of putting new employees through a meaningful and effective on-boarding employee experience is rising, with a new report highlighting the need for a thoughtful an sustainable process with input from the top as well regular tweaks and improvements through feedback from the employees experiencing it.

‘On-boarding – HR Insights Report’, from the Top Employers Institute, shows case studies and five best practice trends that include making on-boarding a process rather than a single event, measuring effectiveness and senior business leaders playing a key role in inspiring new employees from the first morning. Read more…

Engagement surveys for business growth

Employee engagement surveys

Employee Engagement Surveys – Surveying your way into business growth

We’ve all probably already completed one or two employee engagement surveys personally, we’ve also quite likely all shared an opinion about one too, but have you personally designed, developed and implemented one yet for staff and employees in an organisation?

Employee engagement surveys are not as straightforward as they first seem to appear.  Measuring the level of employee engagement is more strategic than the case of compiling a list of mandatory questions and hoping most of the workforce participates.

Requiring a core engagement survey plan to tailor the actual survey to the individual organisation, employee engagement surveys require integration of your company’s culture, brand, leadership approaches and staff location and environment as well as an understanding and clear purpose of opinion and behavioural insights sought, which will affect the action plans and impact of initiatives taken, moving forward.

Helping employers identify weaknesses and strengths within their businesses contributes to a workforce which is further engaged, positively respondent and subsequently more productive in their role.  Periodic engagement surveys not only give you an idea of performance levels but also allows you to measure changes in engagement as you integrate your initiatives and undergo change. Read more…

Employee Focus Groups

Employee Focus Groups, informal crowd of employees

The what’s and why’s of organising and running successful employee focus groups

Employee focus groups offer businesses, opinion and behavioural based insights into how the company operates, roles offered and current performance levels.  They give opportunity, for the employee’s voice to be heard, acknowledged and integrated into subsequent actions which can then boost and increase overall, employee engagement.  This article offers the what’s and why’s of focus groups; highlighting what they really entail and what to look out for when conducting one or several.  Valuable insights into qualitative sessions! Read more…