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Employee Engagement Short Courses

Attract, Engage and Retain your top talent with our Hire to Retire, end -to-end Employee Engagement short courses and workshops

Our employee engagement short courses are designed to inform educate and help you, your key leaders and line managers and your organisation to better understand how to practically incorporate employee engagement related strategies and initiatives in every touch point and employee experience, including your attraction marketing, your internal communications and employee processes, right from the talent attraction and acquisition stage of recruiting new hires, as well as engaging and motivating the vast existing employee majority, through to understanding and preventing regrettable losses using timely and probing exit interviews.


Who in your organisation are our employee engagement courses for?

Other than CEO’s, CFO’s and MD’s, the vast majority of senior executives and senior personnel responsible for attraction, engagement, including internal communications and retention would benefit from our standard and tailored courses.

Talent Attraction Directors and Managers, Employer Brand and Talent Acquisition Directors or Managers, Heads of Resourcing and Recruitment Directors and Leaders

Chief People Officers and Directors, People and People Capability Directors, Internal Communication Directors and Managers, Marketing Directors and Managers.

HR Directors and other Senior Human Resources Professionals, and Line Managers that are looking to increase their knowledge of people behaviour and motivations in the workplace to enhance organisational and personal productivity, performance, happiness and retention.


What subjects are covered?

Our Employee Engagement related short courses cover a whole range of employee engagement related topics, employee engagement strategy and planning, employer branding and communications,  talent attraction and acquisition, employee on-boarding, internal communications and employee motivation, recognition and reward.

We realise that in today’s sharing world that many in-house HR professionals  in a variety of organisations may want to find out more about the whole subject of Employee Engagement and Employer or Internal Communications. Knowing how to best support staff ( before they start ideally) and when they first join a business and whilst they are part of the company, can have a big impact on the prosperity of the individual as well as the organisation and make a big difference to how long they stay with the employer..

We provide our courses in a variety of formats, by webinar, in small or large groups onsite at your offices or we can arrange convenient offsite events and workshops if more appropriate for your organisation and people. Tell us what you need and we may already have the exact course ready to run or if not we will design a training or workshop solution for your organisation, your people and your needs.

We hope to be engaging with you soon!

The Team at Engage & Prosper