Long service awards and service anniversaries

Long service awards and service anniversaries

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What’s a long service award or service anniversary anyway? And what is long by today’s standards?

Some companies still acknowledge staff with long service anniversary awards, however given the change in the typical length of service of an employer it todays world and the fact that most people will have between 3 and 5 careers or vocations in their working lifetime, employers are recognising and celebrating far shorter milestones and service anniversaries.

A service anniversary is a chance for a company to really focus on their employee and acknowledge them for the contribution they have made to the business in the time they have worked there. Similar to a birthday or anniversary it’s a special event and date in the calendar that should stand out to the employee and be a truly memorable experience for them. A business may choose to literally acknowledge every year an employee works in the business and celebrate that anniversary from when they started on the same day every year or prefer to celebrate and recognise more incremental milestones, like 1, 3 and 5 years.

Our service anniversary programmes and events are completely tailored to each organisation taking into account both the individual company culture and the personas and preferences of the employees involved and the available budget of course.

We start the recognition experience way before the anniversary day itself and ensure that by the time the date arrives the employee feels truly appreciated for their contribution.

Anniversary packages can be simply a one-to-one experience or a much more elaborate gala evening style affair, it’s really what’s right for the organisation and the employees.

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