Mental Health at Work

Mental Health at Work

Mental Health

Mental Health at work

The Government’s Department of Health advises that one in four of us will experience ill mental health at some point in our lives, affecting how we act, work and feel personally and professionally.  The subject of mental health at work is a rising and pressing topic.

A recent Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development study highlighted the impact that mental ill health can have on organisations, finding that:

  • 37% of sufferers are more likely to get into conflict with colleagues
  • 57% find it harder to juggle multiple tasks
  • 80% find it difficult to concentrate
  • 62% take longer to do tasks
  • 50% are potentially less patient with customers/clients.


Work causes mental health issues in 60% of employees – The Stats

Simon Robinson, Employment Law Partner at GunnerCooke LLP and guest contributor for Engage & Prosper shares insight on the latest stats arising from the Mental Health at Work 2017 report, a survey of 3,000 workers for the charity ‘Business in the Community’:

  • 60% of people questioned said they had experienced mental health issues because of work;
  • 15% of those who had experienced a mental health issue because of work said they had faced demotion, disciplinary action or dismissal if they talked to their bosses about the issues they faced; and
  • Just over one in ten felt they could tell their line manager about a mental health issue.

Louise Aston, of Business in the Community, said: “This report is an urgent call to action for collective leadership from employers to end this injustice and provide better support. It is time to challenge the myth that having a mental health issue equates to poor performance.”

Read the full article form Sky News here.

A big thanks to Simon for helping raising awareness on employment law, and this escalating issue. He has a regular newsletter which is well worth a read and subscribing to so you get all the updates immediately when available.


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