Motivation and recognising employee value

Motivation and recognising employee value

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Motivation and recognising employee value is not just for Christmas

Better employee engagement can result in increased productivity! In fact, employees who demonstrate their strengths on a daily basis are 8% more productive and six times more engaged!

Cutting through the noise

Check out how to boost motivation in the workplace all year round through help and guidance from international speaker, James Clear’s thought-provoking insights, identifying how to keep motivated in noisy environments.

Understand how to change behaviour by:


Integrate motivation through the workplace by recognising the value that your employees bring!

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Listen to them, involve them, collaborate with, recognise and reward them – Engage & you will all Prosper. Talk to us about our employee apps, personalised engagement surveys or employee engagement survey and action planning platform and research, motivation, behaviour change reward and recognition programmes. Our solutions are tailored to you to work for you.

A big thanks to James for sharing his fantastic and compelling knowledge about motivation and work environments, something we can all benefit from here all year round and not just for Christmas!


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