Employee engagement surveys

Employee engagement surveys are not all made equal

Your organisational structure, culture, goals, employee profile along with daily, weekly and quarterly activities will influence how your employee engagement surveys are constructed and implemented. Good employer engagement is crucial to understanding and improving staff motivation, individual and performance and loyalty. Defining what employee engagement actually means in your business will help you select the right survey solution and UK employee engagement survey partner.

Asking the right employee engagement survey questions is critical…

  • Are you happy at work, do you feel valued?
  • Do you understand our company values?
  • Are you inspired by your manager?
  • Are you proud of what you achieve, and recognised for it?
  • Do you understand our business strategy, vision and goals?
  • Do you have the right tools and support to do the job?

The responses will be enlightening…

Whilst this is just a selection of the types of questions you might think to use in your employee engagement survey, due time and attention is required to initiate the right kind of conversation. Responses can be enlightening, and with the right actions and follow up performance levels can increase rapidly as a result, by attending to quick wins and building foundations for longer term success. However, implementing a sustained employee relationship management programme is normally the next step to truly improve the employee experience and your people strategy.

We provide both tailored competitive UK employee engagement surveys for smaller businesses using our own flexible and robust survey technology. For larger SMEs and Enterprise organisations we utilise EngaugeInsight our feature rich, intuitive MI dashboard and employee engagement survey software platform with built-in action planning. EngaugeInsight is a powerful on demand analytics and action planning tool designed to equip the most demanding of organisations with features and insight to help not only measure every aspect of employee engagement across the organisation but actively and successfully drive it.

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