UK employee on-boarding and internal communications app

Considering creating your own branded employee on-boarding app or looking for an innovative internal communications app tool?

Talk to us, we know what is truly needed in an employee on-boarding and internal communications app solution, so hold fire on considering a typical company intranet for a second, and put down the brochures on the disparate piecemeal solutions you may have been considering.

Our ready built mobile based, enterprise grade app can be up and running as your own company employee app in as little as 4 weeks, in both android and apple operating systems with a seamless experience on tablet, laptop and desktop too.employee app

Whether you are recruiting and want an employee on-boarding app or pre-boarding app to make sure employees get off to a flying start or the HR or Internal department want to ensure current employees are fully engaged, connected and up-to-date with relevant, creative content targeted just for them, our UK employee on-boarding and internal communications app platform, is all you will need.

Our solutions deliver great employee experiences at every stage of the employee journey and our employee on-boarding and communications app can deal with every possible employee touch point whatever your communication or experience need. Wherever your employees are, whatever they do; in the office, at home, in the field, in store or just out and about, our employee app solution will keep your organisation and employees better connected and productive. Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, android and apple (windows coming soon), we’ve got it covered.

There’s too many features to list here, though here’s a brief overview of what you an expect from your employee on-boarding and internal communications app tool;

  • Your company branding, unique Apple and App store logos and personalised domain to make it truly yours – Your Marketing department will be proud!
  • Audience segmentation, user specific campaign and content, multi channel, multi format, articles, pictures, photos and videos,  with engagement level reporting. Tailor content for candidates, new and existing employees by stage, role or function – Internal Communications will love what it can do!
  • More integration options than you can shake a stick at, as well as top notch data security, AD integrations and fully restful APIs – Your IT team will love how easy and flexible our solution is
  • Our fully flexible form builder, and inbuilt holiday leave request features helps employees with everyday tasks and operations,  functions – HR,  Learning and Development will be overjoyed with how simple and easy it is to improve employee experiences as well as checking understanding
  • Happiness mood surveys built in, pulse surveys and employee feedback can all be linked to our data rich employee engagement survey and 360 degree feedback platform or directly to your own, whichever you prefer – Engagement managers reap the power of higher participation
  • Calendars and Event diaries keep employees up to date with corporate dates, training and social events, so they never miss another insight day or company BBQ.
  • Integrate social news feeds, encourage and harness employee generated content, as well as crowd source popular opinion
  • Truly intuitive and easy to use management and content dashboard, trust us, we’ll let you have your own demo to play with so you can experience the powerful, intuitive admin and interface
  • Multi communications channel formats, for all types of media, content and audience engagement. Link your Facebook pages, your intranet content of LinkedIn news feed. Publish tailored content for specific job functions, departments or talent groups.  Give them the topics they care about, when they care about it and let them collaborate and celebrate ideas and achievements on desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone, android and apple (windows coming soon).

We’ll help you get the most out of your new employee on-boarding app and employee communications platform helping you to drive employee engagement, real business improvements and measurable results.

Time for a demo or to chat about your requirements?

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