Employee relationship management

Our UK employee relationship management programmes (ERM) open up meaningful conversations and engagement with and between employees and their employer. Think an employee app, intranet or internal social media style communication and engagement programme where employees and managers can learn, share, comment, acknowledge, recognise and reward fellow employees for their approach, achievements and work ethic. Foe decades marketers have been enticing and motivating customers to support, buy or advocate their brands, causes, services and products, and one of the most effective methods is intelligent, meaningful communications, often managed by a customer Relationship Management solution, the (CRM), now it’s the turn of HR leaders, Talent, Recruitment, Internal Comms, Engagement and People professionals to truly take control of their employee relationship management to drive the very best behaviours and results.

Imagine your new culture…

  • “You have done a great job.”
  • “I couldn’t have achieved this without your help and support!”
  • “Thanks for your help.”
  • “I feel valued, involved and cared about!”
  • “You’re a valued member of my team.”
  • “Forget the complaint to HR, I want to stay!”
  • “It is so nice being recognised for what I do!”
  • “I feel part of a work family that really cares about me!”
  • “I love working here!”

Options in working with us

We offer options to suit your workforce and your organisation, fully managed or self-managed. We can help you design your employee relationship programme and help implement the for you. You can decide how much or little you want us involved thereafter. We can either manage it 24/7/365 or alternatively, once implemented, should you want to, you can manage the technology and communications programme yourself, with us in the background for support should you need us.

Ready to talk?

If you would like to talk through the benefits and features of our employee relationship management programme, please get in touch