Values and behaviours development

The company values and behaviours of an organisation are its guiding principles. They are created by a company to help everyone who works in it and that comes in to contact with it understand how it works and in part why it exists. Be it an employee, a customer or a supplier, corporate, organisational or company values and behaviours exist to help communicate and unify all employees understanding of the company direction, what it values, its personality, the ethics it operates by and the shared values of the people that work for it.

We are specialists in helping define and shape company values and behaviours and helping organisations improve their corporate culture as well as ultimately their customer value proposition and competitive advantage. All companies have a culture, they evolve without invitation and not always for the best. Better to be steering and developing the culture in line with what will best benefit the organisation, its people and its mission.


Developing an organisations company values and behaviours…

  • Make sure they are fit-for-purpose
  • Keep values to a minimum, less is more
  • Be clear, define them properly
  • Ensure balance and suitability
  • Gain input, support and employee buy-in
  • Communicate them well and often, be brave and innovative
  • Measure their application and resulting actions
  • Refine and evolve, standing still is really going backwards


Experience the positive improvements…

Employees will start to really understand what the organisation expects of them and what they value in and from employees. Employees, especially the more highly engaged ones, in turn will start to adopt and demonstrate these values and behaviours and measure themselves and colleagues against them. Their expectation of behaviours from managers and peers in demonstrating the values and behaviours also increases and this has a positive influence in the behaviours and attitudes from these individuals.

Recruitment strategies start to improve and become more effective and efficient, as a better understanding of your individual company culture and workplace, helps improve talent attraction and recruitment marketing through an enhanced and clear employer brand, as well as creating the foundation for joined up powerful and compelling internal communications. In-house recruiters and hiring managers know what type of shared values and behaviours they look for in a candidate that will fit in, as well as contribute to the unique culture and improving high performance of the organisation.

We provide solutions to help you to develop your realistic and aspirational company values and behaviours’ to help achieve your organisation mission and embed them throughout your workplace or we can help you to rejuvenation your existing company values and behaviours and bring them to life again with clear purpose and results.


Ready to create, rejuvenate or disseminate your organisations company values and behaviours?

We’d love to help you improve employee engagement in your organisation . Talk with one of our consultants about the benefits and scope of embedding powerful and engaging purpose led values and behaviours today.