A third of employees plan to leave their job

A third of employees plan to leave their job


Employees want to leabve their job

25% want to leave because they feel undervalued and unappreciated

According to new research by the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) more than one in three workers, that’s a whopping third of employees want to leave their job this year. That’s double the ratio who wanted to leave their job this time last year.

The survey also revealed that staff are feeling increasingly undervalued by their managers. A quarter (25%) of those planning to leave said it was because that they felt unappreciated in their current role, almost 10% more that last year (16%).

What they are hoping to achieve in their new job?

  1. More opportunity for progression (59%)
  2. Better pay (56%)
  3. More interesting job (50%)
  4. Better management (30%)
  5. More opportunity for training (27%)

The Chief Executive of the ILM Charles Elvin said

” It’s crucial that companies actively recognise the efforts and talents of their employees. Companies may want to adapt to this new improved climate, by acknowledging where staff have excelled and moulding opportunities for them to advance.”


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