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I founded Engage & Prosper because I wanted to help organisations achieve their potential by developing powerful, mutually rewarding relationships with their employees. With a career stretching back to the early 1990s, it was time to put into action all that I had learnt. I wanted to create an organisation that lived up to my own values, ideas on culture and mission. And so, Engage & Prosper was created.

I believe wholeheartedly that in order for a modern organisation to be successful, it must think differently about the way it engages with its employees. The carrot and stick cultures are no longer credible or appropriate models. They are archaic, short sighted and focused on achieving short-term goals, often justified by the pressures of creating immediate shareholder returns.

That’s why we also chose to become a Social Enterprise very soon after starting, as we are truly committed to our cause. Being a Social Enterprise means we commit to putting 50% of all profits back in to pursuing the purpose of the cause itself – to deliver economic growth for organisations through mutually rewarding relationships with their employees and that means better employee engagement and a better employee experience for all. It’s also why we will at some point convert to an employee owned organisation, after all it is all of the employees that make up Engage & Prosper and so it is important to me that we practice what we preach and that employees have the opportunity to be owners and not simply behave as such. Though behaving as an owner is very much how a highly engaged employee behaves and what organisations should be trying to encourage and foster.

What we are doing here at Engage & Prosper with our clients, is creating the education, the mindset, strategy and conditions for long term, sustainable, interpersonal and organisational growth, and that is incredibly exciting and rewarding for everyone involved. It is often a mindset shift for the owners and leaders in a business, yet we offer a clear CoLab Culture Club framework and approach to getting started on what can sometimes feel like an overwhelming issue to address.

We really hope you will consider talking to us about your own company’s’ employee engagement challenges.

Best wishes,

Sharon Kennedy Engage & Prosper

Sharon Kennedy
Founder and Principal Consultant

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