Reward and recognition programmes

Our employee reward and recognition programmes support your employee engagement activities. They provide your organisation with a dedicated platform to enable you to recognise and appreciate the good work that your employees do every day. Wherever you are and in real-time, you can recognise someone and if appropriate give a recognition award too. Be it actions, attitudes or behaviours that your organisation want to recognise and encourage, we can provide quick, engaging and personalised solutions that will further your employee engagement journey with your staff.

We enable your employees and managers to build better working relationships with each other, to encourage the right values and behaviours amongst staff and have a dramatic and positive impact on company culture.  In turn these improvements help drive company performance by increasing profit and reducing costs. Just some of the benefits your organisation will experience after establishing a sustained, relevant and engaging reward and recognition programme include being able to;

  • Embed company values and behaviours and bring them to life on a daily basis
  • Provide employee-to-employee recognition as well as manager-to-employee
  • Empower managers –  Enable them to give discretionary recognition with or without recognition rewards
  • Recognise and reward commitment – Award employees for long service awards or exceptional effort
  • Incentivise employees to engage more with the organisation by giving them a voice and feedback platform
  • Encourage employee ideas and suggestions to improve operations, increase profit and reduce costs
  • Engage with employees and gain valuable insight and opinion with surveys and polls
  • Communicate employee news regularly and in an engaging way
  • Reduce recruitment and hiring costs through rewarding employee referral schemes
  • Embed learning with simple quizzes
  • Improve motivation, morale and company culture

Your solution can be entirely recognition based if you wish as recognition alone is a powerful motivator in improving people behaviour in the workplace, however most of our clients choose to use some aspect of our comprehensive reward and recognition solution. Our reward and recognition programmes can include points based reward programmes and these offer a broad range of extensive rewards including high street vouchers, experiences, home ware, electronics and travel. Our selection is completely structured and focused to ensure your employees are able to select the reward of their choice, assuming they have earned enough points for them of course.


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