UK employer branding and employee communications

Our UK employer branding and employee communications solutions are aligned to the individual needs of each unique business both in terms of where help and support is most needed, be that with addressing culture change, transformation or new business growth or change initiatives, or simply to better engage, inform and motivate employees as the benefit of doing so is now evident across the modern world.

Bringing the outside in – The internal brand

Employer branding is really about understanding and articulating what your existing employees inside the business already think, experience and hope their employer could or should be (which is really the company culture with a brand identity and agreed pillars of attributes of behaviours and promises).

Understanding and defining these behaviours and characteristics allows a business to create and develop their employer value proposition or EVP which is the core and heart of the employer brand and when used well is of great advantage in developing strategies to attract, engage and retain great employees.  If a company wants to become an employer of choice in a specific talent group, or geographical region, it really needs to make sure it has an attractive employer brand and reputation.

Our approach is to look at what key behaviour/s you want to change either from a leadership level or from an employee one, often its both. So be it communicating to address employee actions, attitudes or behaviours we design employer brands and communication programmes that help address this in the style, tone and manner that best suits your leadership, company sector, talent group and employee profile.

Bringing the inside out – The external brand

Its important to recognise the impact truly engaged employees have in feeding insight and innovation in to continually improving and developing the company’s external customer value proposition. Who better to help drive improvements and company success than the very people who help deliver the business customer promise every day.

Communications come in all forms shapes and sizes and we do not discriminate when choosing the best selection for the communication needs in hand and the best fit for the employee audience we are working with, wherever they may be, office, warehouse, road, sea or air; we help design and create compelling, engaging and informative communications strategies and implement all forms of content distribution ;

  • Communications Apps, intranets, microsites, enterprise platforms, marketing automation, feedback, incentives, reward and recognition solutions
  • Printed or digital collateral Employee handbooks, on-boarding comms, posters, postcards, surveys, newsletters, email campaigns, values and behaviours pledges, employee conference content and presentations and recruitment exhibition stands
  • Employer merchandise, goodies, giveaways and rewards From mugs, t-shirts, mouse mats and screen wipes to executive gifts and employee service anniversary books or experiences and service or recognition and award trophies, we can pretty much put an employer brand on anything.

Ready to define and create with us?

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