Barclays Mental Health helping hand for Employee’s C-PTSD

Barclays Mental Health helping hand for Employee’s C-PTSD

Mark Hunter Barclays Mental health awareness week

Mental Health affects us all.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week and in support of that, a very good friend of mine, and senior employee of Barclays, Mark Hunter, penned an inspiring and caring post this morning, for his friends to read, and if they felt so inclined to share far and wide. Why did he do that you might ask? To simply help people. He simply wants to give back and to purely help, relate, inspire and motivate as many people as might read it, and who may need it. He shares his journey and advice of just how important small incremental step of success, supportive intervention and self belief is, in mental health recovery. And how employers can play a vital role in that journey too.

Massive thanks to Mark for letting us share this. Here’s what Mark Hunter wrote for all to see this morning… (And please feel free to share with your employer, with your friends, with anyone who may benefit from reading it – we are).

In support of Mental Heath Awareness Week, most of you will know I have Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (C-PTSD) and if that wasn’t enough, I am also a recovering alcoholic 😅 (with a sense of humour).

I want people to know (and this is based from my own personal experience of mental health problems) that if you want something badly enough (whatever that may be, personal to you) you will find a way, that small step will give you a very small victory, from each small victory comes minor success, each minor success breeds belief and from belief you develop confidence and from confidence you gain results, and the best part is for me, there is no end, there is no finish line as each finish line is a start line to something else, somewhere else, the journey never stops and it is being on that journey that is the best part of life itself.

If I had the ability to hand to you all of your dreams I wouldn’t do it because I would be denying you the experience of traveling along that journey called life, it is best part of all !

For me it was to stay away from a drink one day at a time (a small victory) a week at a time (a minor success) you begin to believe (I CAN do this) confidence builds within you (I WILL do this) and from there you get results (I am nearly 5 years sober) see ? It works !

  • I completed my dialectical therapy to address my C-PTSD
  • I have ran marathons (plus 25 other races)
  • Completed some of the UK’s toughest obstacles
  • Gained a whole host of professional accreditation’s
  • Had a load of AMAZING tattoos done expressing who I am
  • Met lots of my childhood TV/Movie stars 
  • I have developed, physically, intellectually, emotionally, mentally and spiritually

Just as important I have found out how to love myself again, from loving myself I can love my children better, my family better, my friends better and help others and build on my spiritual life, my sober life

Here is a video I did with my employer Barclays a few years ago now, their intervention was quite literally a life saving experience for me. Thank you for reading and apologies for my ‘rant’ I am quite passionate about recovery and self improvement.

Mark Hunter talks about CPTSD and Barclays supporting his Mental Health

Mark Hunter

E&P are quite simply in awe of this man. Thank you Mark, for being so brave, open and honest and generous in sharing your story with us about your mental health and C-PTSD, and the support your employer provided that helps you move forward. You are an inspiration and a credit to you!

If you have a mental health related story with or without the support of your employer and want to share it with us to share far and wide, to help change workplaces and lives, please do so here. 

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